At our Workshop we conduct all phases of graphite and metallic equipments regeneration:

  • Metallic parts check, dimensional and structural;
  • Check on Graphite: leak test;
  • Hydrotest;
  • Repair of graphite *;
  • Graphite regeneration *;
  • Change of worn metallic parts;
  • retubing of shell & tubes;
  • change of tube sheets;
  • change of single blocks of every design;
  • change of the complete kit of gaskets;
  • reassembly of the heat exchanger;
  • CE PED declaration if needed.

At our Workshop we also conduct all the phases for graphite pumps maintenance:

  • Metallic parts check;
  • Graphite parts check;
  • Repair of single compoments *;
  • Change of mechanical seasls (graphite, silicon carbide);
  • Change of kit of gaskets;
  • Change of graphite parts (Impeller shaft assembly , Pump Body);
  • Change of bearings;
  • change of metallic parts;
  • reassembly ;
  • final test.


* If applicable