For plate heat exchangers, maintenance  is fundamental so to have the best efficiency in the plant.

Euroscambiatori proposes the execution of all the phases of the regeneration of Plate Heat Exchangers at its own dedicated Workshop.

The  principal phases are:

  • preliminary test;
  • disassembly of the heat exchanger;
  • preliminary check of plates conditions;
  • detection of dimensional and operative data;
  • check of metallic parts;
  • change of tie rods ;
  • removal of old worn gaskets;
  • cleaning / pickling of the plates;
  • dye penetrant checks of the plates;
  • application of new gaskets;
  • sandblasting and painting of frame and structure;
  • riassembly of the plate heat exchanger;
  • certificated final hydrotest;
  • CE PED declaration if necessary.