A project developped from the urgent need to find a concrete alternative, in a time of lack of Titanium, to meet the requests of the users of Plate heat exchangers for Sea Water applications , our new system LOREFLON® has given until today really satisfactory results.


Used both on plates and gaskets, LOREFLON® has proved to be excellent for:

Well water applications and other waters full of limestone.

Applications subject to galvanic currents which are frequent causes of cracks on the plates.

Chemical Products such as:

  • Hydrocloric acid 33 % T.max 130 °C
  • Sulphuric Acid up to 50%
  • Formic Acid

More tests have been conducted with success by Customers of Pharmaceutic Industry on particolar applications.

All our Heat Exchangers are supplied with the proper certification in conformity to European Directive 97/23/CE PED.

Possibility of alternatives other our standard studied on the specific need and request.